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01 Jan 2020

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14 Mar 2018

4:00PM - 6:00PM


Queensland Claims Discussion Group - Inaugural session

"Disputes and Denials" : Effective management of the claims process when coverage is an issue.


Using selected claim examples from Business, Motor and Domestic Property insurance claims, this one hour interactive session is designed to give you an insight into Disputes and Denials. Each claim example is a little unique and considered on its facts and merits.

  • How the Insurance Contracts Act can affect policy coverage;

  • Dealing with ambiguous and unusual scenarios;

  • Lodgement through to Internal and External Dispute Resolution.


The scenarios will walk you through real life claims, asking you to consider how you would go about managing the claim and giving you the chance to ask all those questions you’ve been dying to ask!


Our panel of industry experts will be moderated by Emma Doney, Queensland State Manager of YDR Chartered Loss Adjusters and President of the Queensland Claims Discussion Group. 

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